You get home from work, knackered after a busy day. You’d love nothing more than to sit in front of the telly, eat your dinner and relax – but you’ve got blog posts to write. After you eat your dinner and put the kids to bed, you get to work – again. However, you’re tired and you can’t concentrate: so you take three times as long as you should. You know that sooner or later, people will stop visiting your blog. You love your blog – and you know if you could just put more time in, other people will love it too. You know you need help, but you can’t afford to hire someone. Anyway, you only need a few hours a month, and where are you going to find someone like that?


I can help your blog get the recognition it deserves.


Here are some of the ways I can help you:


I can take care of your social media.


I can schedule updates on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. With your blog social media being taken care of, you can get back to doing the blogmin tasks you love most.



I can increase your SEMrush audit score.


You send me your SEMrush site audit and I’ll work through it for you, completing tasks such as image optimisation, repairing broken links and enabling https.


I can get you to inbox zero.


When was the last time you looked at your inbox? You don’t need to dread it any more – just tell me which contacts or emails are important and which are not. I’ll delete the junk, leaving you only with the emails that are worth your time.


I can do your linkies and comment threads.


Are you spending too much time on linkies and comment thread when you’d rather be writing? No problem – let me take over for you!


Are you ready to love blogging again? Click the chat icon on the right to book now. If you want something not listed here, check out my full service listing. Whether you want ad-hoc hours or regular help, hiring me as your VA is an affordable and effective way to get your blog business back on track.