how much does virtual assistance cost?


So… you’re a small business owner or blogger and you know what you want. Now for the numbers talk: how much will virtual assistance cost you?


How much virtual assistance costs


My ad-hoc hourly rate for virtual assistance is £20 per hour.


I offer specific packages to those who require more hours, or hours on a regular basis:

5 hours: £95

10 hours: £180

15 hours: £255

20 hours: £320


Hours are to be taken in the same calendar month. Larger jobs may require a deposit.


What you will gain by hiring me as your virtual assistant


  • Use of my social media schedulers
  • Use of my graphics software
  • A block of my time to work on whatever you need – I never double up on client time
  • A speedy worker who will give you value for money
  • Unlimited email support before, during and after your project
  • More free time for the important things.


What happens next: our virtual assistant journey


  1. Work out what you’d like me to do and your budget;
  2. Contact me now to tell me what you’d like me to do and your contact details;
  3. I get in touch within three days to confirm what I can offer;
  4. We agree on our project;
  5. I’ll get to work, hitting the deadlines and deliverables we agreed on;
  6. You’ll get an invoice for the agreed price on completion of the work;
  7. You pay on time and in full;
  8. Everybody wins!